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What is Future Life Progression? – Events – Working as an FLP Practitioner

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If you like Past Life Regression you will love Future Life Progression – FLP

FLP is an amazing guided therapy which enables your energy to align to the correct vibrational frequency to clear ‘blocks’, heal, glimpse your future & bring forth that which is for your greatest good

Would you like to:

  • Begin a new career as a highly sought after past life regression/future life progression practitioner making a significant difference in people’s lives?
  • Become a pioneer of an incredible new technique proving to make a massive difference in enabling people to ‘let go’, heal and optimise their life?
  • Work in a field that enables clients to make great decisions, experience massive positive change & embrace healing on all levels
  • Enhance your current career by adding an amazing new set of valuable skills to your ‘tool kit’
    • ‘Let Go’ of issues holding you back from standing fully in your own power
    • Increase your  self-awareness and heighten your emotional and spiritual intelligence

        *Spend wonderful time in the company of like minded people

Become a Fully Certified FLP-Future Life Progression Practitioner in Ireland with the FLP Academy and experience this amazing life changing programme

3+ Day Intensive Weekend Programme Encompassing Awareness & Empowerment

When: June 6th – June 8th., 2020

Sat 10am – 6pm, Sun 10am – 6pm & 7.15pm  – 9.15pm, Mon 10am- 5pm

Where: University of Limerick, Ireland –(On bus route from Dublin & Shannon Airport)

           What is included:

 FLP Practitioner Certification Training

Encompassing Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression,

*Awareness & Empowerment Evening also Included

All workshop materials & daily refreshments

1.5 Hour Post Workshop Webinar with Yvonne

Membership to private FLP Facebook support group

Listing on the FLP Academy Website

Fantastic Early Bird Special €647

Secure your- place with €147 non refundable deposit

*Accommodation Available on Campus if required* 


This highly participative and intensive training which our Academy provides will enable you to become a highly sought after Fully Certified FLP Practitioner. You will gain the knowledge, skills and attitudinal change required to become successful in this field while going on a voyage of awareness and empowerment

The programme will also enable you to become a passionate, confident, empowered FLP practitioner with a progressive outlook, who has good questioning and listening skills, is empathic, flexible, approachable, open, able to build rapport easily and is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of clients. 

What are those who attended this training saying?

Completed my flp training recently with Yvonne. Well! What can I say !… It was phenomenal . Not just from a learning Perspective to be a practitioner, but it is completely experiential. It stretches the boundaries we put in place in our everyday life and challenges you to open up to possibilities. I felt a bit like Alice as she explored wonderland where everything was different but familiar enough at the same time to make sense . I highly recommend this to anyone interested in flp and with Yvonne as your trainer you will not be disappointed . Go on! Be ready for a journey of a lifetime 👌

Marie Rodger – Helensborough, Scotland

I have completed the FLP practitioner training course not long ago. It was one of the most transformative courses I have ever attended.Yvonne offered an abundance of information and honestly I left with more knowledge than I could have expected. The course was delivered in a very beautiful way and I felt it very easy to resonate with! Also I have meet a wonderful group of like-minded people, that I plan to stay in contact with troughout my career. I feel very fortunate to be part of this experience and I would highly recommended it to anyone looking to develop either personally or professionally!

Geani Grozavu – Dublin Ireland

I attended Yvonne’s FLP practitioner training in Ireland and it was one of the best trainings I have ever attended. Yvonne’s training not only teaches you how to become a sought after FLP practitioner but shows you how to connect with your own higher self to become the best version of yourself. I feel very fortunate to have been trained by Yvonne and I look forward to staying connected to the FLP Academy that she has created.
Michele Baker, Belgium

Academy FLP Academy

At the FLP Academy we pride ourselves on providing complete and comprehensive training programmes.  You will have the opportunity during this intensive training programme to merge the theory with practice, explore new and unique approaches and be provided with all the support to gain the cocktail of skills required to become a highly sought after FLP Practitioner.

 As part of the certification process, you will complete 4 case studies (one for each of the 4 elements of FLP) at least one will be completed at the workshop. Afterwards a webinar  will be held where you can discuss the outcome of same and  your learning with Yvonne. This will afford you the opportunity to move forward with confidence, self- belief and determination.

While it may be an advantage to have a background as a therapist prior to FLP Practitioner Training, it is not a pre-requisite.  People come to this work from a vast array of backgrounds and bring their own unique skills and personal attributes to the table.

Be assured that you that will receive all the training that you require, be provided with additional back up and become part of a global team of people making a significant positive difference in the world.

Wondering if you should apply to become an FLP Practitioner? Book a  no obligation complimentary telephone consultation with Yvonne. She will be happy to answer any questions you may have +353 87 2302830

Some Words From Our Clients

When I signed up for a session in FLP/PLR with Yvonne, I wasn’t sure what to expect, or if I even wanted to see my future, to be honest. However, I was very pleasantly surprised as I simply closed my eyes, listened to Yvonne’s voice and relayed back what came to mind. I felt in complete control at all times, and everything that I saw was for my highest good and to help me fulfill my life’s purpose. I got great advice from my future self, and saw that the health issue I was having at the time would not bother me in my eighties! A. Collins, Mallow, Co. Cork. Ireland.
A. Collins
I felt a sense of hope as a result of the FLP session I had with Yvonne and I got confirmation that there is a deep power within me, a light that is guiding me in every aspect of my life. I also received clarity about my future and would recommend to anyone out there that may be interested in FLP to talk to Yvonne, Christy O’Keeffe, Banteer, Co. Cork Ireland
Christy O’Keeffe
I had a fantastically productive FLP session with Yvonne where she guided me to alternative futures around a specific issue, I was working on at the time. I gained profound insights and reassurances about my likely future which helped immensely. I found Yvonne to be an excellent FLP guide – warm, empathic and focussed. I would certainly recommend an FLP session with Yvonne. Pete Dalton, Midlands, UK
Pete Dalton
Yvonne softly guided me into a relaxed state of mind where she awoke my subconscious. From here, we began an insightful journey where I observed myself 5 years from now if I was to maintain my current path. This was rather enlightening and I quickly realised my current path will unfortunately not lead me to my best life. Yvonne then quietly led me along an alternative route which my subconscious recognised as my best life. My fulfilled life played out in my mind’s eye filling me with a sense of relief. My future self, inspired me so much that I felt very reluctant to open my eyes! I can now clearly visualise my best life with every hope and intent of manifesting it. I would highly recommend FLP to anyone willing to take the first step to transform their life.
Teresa Corridan
“I attended Yvonne’s FLP practitioner training in Ireland and it was one of the best trainings I have ever attended. Yvonne’s training not only teaches you how to become a sought after FLP practitioner but shows you how to connect with your own higher self to become the best version of yourself. I feel very fortunate to have been trained by Yvonne and I look forward to staying connected to the FLP Academy that she has created”.
Michele Baker, Belgium
Michele Baker

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