About FLP Academy

Yvonne Griffin founded the FLP Academy IMG_3594and is one of the first Future Life Progression Practitioner Trainers in the world today.  She trained with Anne Jirsch, who is one of the foremost leaders in pioneering Future Life Progression and an internationally acclaimed author, who published the first book on this subject.

Having a wealth of experience in working with people on an international basis for many years and seeing the results from using FLP with her own clients, Yvonne wanted to take it to a wider audience as she believes it to be a very valuable technique in helping people to heal, closing the ‘loop’ in the transformational process and enabling people to move forward to achieve their maximum potential and create their best future.

Yvonne has exemplary experience in the field of personal transformation and change management. For over 20 years she has developed and implemented numerous personal transformation programmes in many countries which proved highly successful in enabling permanent change to take place in the lives of people across all sectors of society. She has lectured at third level, was lead facilitator in the role out of several national initiatives in Ireland, and has also provided consulting, training and coaching services in the corporate, public and private sectors.

In recent years having explored quantum physics, energy medicine and the benefits derived from same, Yvonne decided to broaden her skills base and train in several different types of therapies/modalities to allow her to add a deeper and more comprehensive dimension to the service she provides to her clients. She also trained in Holar Medizin with the founder Dr. Folker Meissner, Matrix Reinprinting with the founder Karl Dawson, Clinical & Therapeutic Hypnotherapy with Susan Wallace the founder of Hypnosis Business Academy, Psy-Tap Psycho Sensory Techniques & Principles  with the founder Kevin Laye Psy.D and with Dr. Thornton Streeter, Centre of BioField Sciences in the use of the Bio-Field Imaging.  Understanding Mental Health & Recovery, Mental Health Difficulties & Approaches WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) Facilitation is also further training Yvonne undertook.

Yvonne Griffin M.Ed.,(Hons) B.Msc, Dip T&D, RC Hyp, Dip Hyp, GHR, CHNC, FLP Master Trainer, Psy-Tap, EFTMR, EFT & Holar Medizin Practitioner, Certified NLP & HYL(R) Coach.

 Wondering if FLP is for you? Why not get clarity with a no obligation discovery call. Yvonne will help you discover what is holding you back and opportunities that you may be missing out on. Please email: enquiries@flpacademy.com with your telephone number and receive a call back from Yvonne

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