The Akashic records are a treasury of your personal experiences and knowledge of the past, present and future. They are defined as the primordial source energy that is imprinted by each soul as it travels on its journey from inception to the present moment. Call it your individual personal library of your soul’s journey. When accessed, it can act as a guide in helping you to create an unlimited future by unblocking areas that might unconsciously be holding us back.

Akashic Diet Discovery Session

The Akashic Diet Discovery Session

The Akashic Diet Discovery Session affords you the opportunity to know the type of food that’s best for you to eat and as a result you will begin to lose weight naturally.

Inside you there is an innate ‘body intelligence’ which knows what’s happening at the very cellular level of your body. It is the consciousness of your DNA and is the ultimate source for your own ‘body awareness’. It knows about your Akashic inheritance which is the knowledge of who you used to be in past lives. All your dietary requirements to live a long and healthy life are based on a cellular structure that knows what it wants and needs and it is calling for the foods that it is used to.

Where you live, or who you are in this life time makes no difference.  If you are currently living in Ireland but spent life times in Asia, you are most likely want to eat like an Asian.  Your chemistry ‘remembers’ and craves what it feels will satisfy efficient digestion and health.

Given that your Akashic inheritance knows all about your previous lives, it is wise to tap into this knowledge to maintain good health and wellbeing. It’s important to understand that past life energies are not in the past, they are affecting you in this life time. They are part of your spiritual makeup that is current and something you carry around as part of your complete self. Your body will tell you so if you ask it.

Your cellular structure will cry out for those things that you are used to and will make your body relax and be comfortable with the chemistry it is used to.  If you are used to this culture and spent the last hand full of life times in another one, most likely you are craving the diet from the former culture.

Is the way that you eat holding you back? Does the type of food that you eat really suit you? Would you like to be slimmer, healthier etc.,

Yvonne will take you into a deep relaxed state and create a safe space through hypnosis and guided imagery.  She will take you on a journey where you will go back through life times and access specific information from the Akashic records about the food which is most suitable for you to eat and the way in which it is best for you to do so. Lots of questions will be answered and you will be able to finally understand why you are drawn to certain types of food and not to others. Now it’s important to see what life will be like for you once you have made these changes in your life, so Yvonne will take you forward in time to take a glimpse of how these changes have impacted your life and let you see the benefits derived from following the information you accessed in the earlier part of the session.

If you would like to know which food is best for you to eat, be healthier, slimmer and more in touch with who you really are, why not take the opportunity to avail of an Akashic Diet Discovery Session

Many clients experience a serene contentment after taking part in an FLP session. It can bring forward an awareness of their purpose in this life as well as a confidence in the direction of their spirit or energy. You may wish to learn who in your current life is with you in the next, any skills or understandings you can embed within your unconscious memories in this life to prepare you for the next or to gather information about the world around you to bring back to your current life…..the choice is yours as FLP affords you the opportunity to do so.

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