While still in your teenage years you were expected to know what you wanted to do for the rest of your life. You had to make all-important choices with no experience of the world of work, now with Career Progression Teenagers can decide whether to go straight out to work or to apply to university or some other form of further education; if they opt for further study, they will need to be sure that they choose the best subject for them. They can easily be attracted to what they believe will earn them a lot of money or what is currently fashionable, rather than using their natural talents or picking a career that would give them genuine fulfillment.

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Career Progression has enabled many teenagers to find their true path as there is a growing number of schoolteachers who are aware of just how important it is for young people to make the right decisions at this crucial time of their lives. If you would like to know your true vocation or indeed have a teenager in your life who needs guidance, showing them their future career possibilities through FLP could be the best gift you could give them. Instead of being influenced by their peers or current fashions or, indeed, what family may be pushing them to do.



FLP can guide an individual straight to what career is ideal for them. Imagine not only helping your child to make good choices, but also giving them the confidence to succeed in the line of work that they will enjoy the most and that best fits their skills. What a gift!

Career Progression is not only used with teenagers, it is a wonderful technique which enables individuals who are at a cross roads in their career to explore other pathways. 

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