Certified Future Life Progression Practitioner Training

Learn the skills to become a Regression/ Progression Practitioner & Increase your Emotional/Spiritual Growth in the process

If you like Past Life Regression you will love Future Life Progression – FLP

FLP- Future Life Progression is an amazing technique which encompasses NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. It enables you to remove blocks from the past, heal and create the future you desire.

Science has proven that only 5 – 10%% of the thoughts we have on a daily basis come from our conscious mind, 90-95% are coming from our sub conscious mind. If we want to make significant positive change the best way to do this is to go beyond the critical factor/conscious mind and  change the thought pattern while in altered state of consciousness. The techniques used in FLP allow for you to do this in a very relaxed and enjoyable way.

When you train as an FLP Practitioner you can take your clients back as well as forward on the time line. During the training you will have the opportunity to experience on at least four occasions  going back and forward on the time line yourself. This will enable you to remove blocks which have been holding you back from creating your best future

FLP Certified Practitioner Training Programme delivered by the Academy is an intensive certified highly participative and interactive learner centred programme. 

Not only will you gain the knowledge, skills and attitudinal change required to become certified in this field, you will also expand your emotional and spiritual growth:

The programme will also enable you to become a passionate, confident, empowered FLP practitioner with a progressive outlook, who has good questioning and listening skills, is empathic, flexible, approachable, open, able to build rapport easily and is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of clients. You will also value setting, implementing clear boundaries and practising self care.

The content of the programme is delivered in a very practical and down to earth way, enabling you to partake fully in the process. An environment which is conducive to allow maximum learning to take place is created and lots of opportunity for practice is integrated into the structure.

FLP Certified Practitioner Training has proven to be a great healing and transformational experience for those practitioners who have previously trained with our Academy.

Come prepared to work hard, heal, transform and have lots of fun in the process 🙂


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At the FLP Academy we pride ourselves on providing complete and comprehensive training programmes.  You will have the opportunity during this intensive training programme to merge the theory with practice, explore new and unique approaches and be provided with all the support to gain the cocktail of skills required to become a highly sought after FLP Practitioner

Future Life Progression-FLP – You will gain the required skills to take clients forward 5 & 10 years, into alternate life times and future life times. This will enable them to take a glimpse at what life would be like if they continue on the same path and gain the tips and advice to create the life they desire

Past Life Regression-PLR – You will gain the required skills to take clients into past lives and enable them to discover the origin of blocks to success, negative beliefs and patterns that continue to be repeated. Once discovered and dealt with appropriately this can allow for profound insights and moments, where current life issues begin to make sense, problems can be resolved and healing to take place.

Submission of 4 case studies post workshop is required to be completed to a set standard to receive certification from Anne Jirsch Training in association with Future Life Progression Academy. This certification allows you to secure insurance and begin delivering FLP sessions to paying clients. 

Once the case studies are submitted, you will then have a 1.5 hour webinar with Yvonne where the group will discuss the key learning from same and you know how to move forward with confidence, self- belief and determination.

While it may be an advantage to have a background as a therapist prior to FLP Practitioner Training, it is not a pre-requisite.People come to this work from a vast array of backgrounds and bring their own unique skills and personal attributes to the table.

Be assured that you that you will receive all the training that you require, be provided with additional back up and become part of a global team of people making a significant positive difference in the world.

Working as an FLP Practitioner you will help people to heal, grow, achieve their true potential and live the life they desire. You can assist your clients to receive advice from their future self/higher self on, Health, Career, Family, Life’s Purpose, Relationships, Confidence, Goal Setting and many others areas which will enable them to make informed decisions and become empowered

Why not get in touch and discuss the possibility of becoming a Certified FLP Practitioner and be part of a growing team of like minded people helping others to heal and making a positive difference to the world

Workshop Content

  • Get this part right and the session will be a great success.
  • It is vital that you know exactly how to set up the whole session.
  • How to put your client at ease
  • Explain what will happen and how they can gain the most from their experience.
  • Step by step process to relax your client and lead them into their future.
  • Know how to elicit the right information
  • Learn how to use scripts and prompts effectively
  • How to take your client to various timeframes – their next and distant lifetimes.
  • How to connect them to their future selves in order to bring back any abilities and wisdom they have gained.
  • How to take your client into their past lives
  • Remove blocks holding them back in this life time
  • Guiding your client to view various futures enabling them to make the best decisions now.
  • Helping client to Identify the key learning from this process
  • Guiding your client into their best possible future
  • Discussing outcome and identifying the steps to take moving forward to bring this future to reality
  • You will need to have good questioning and listening skills.
  • Be empathic, flexible, approachable and able to build rapport with clients easily.
  • You will also need to know how to set boundaries, be creative and promote/manage your business.
  • Tap into your unique essence,
  • Increase your self- awareness,
  • Trust your intuition,
  • Explore life from a more positive holistic perspective,
  • Expand your consciousness,
  • Shift blocks holding you back  
  • Become empowered to be Best Self 
  • What to do to get clients and build a client base.
  • The best route to success for you
  • How to become an authority in your own right
  • And much, much more
  • Become one of the first FLP Practitioners in Ireland certified to deliver Future Life Progression Sessions
  • Be part of an organisation that has a strong search engine presence and owns the key Future Life Progression domain names.
  • Join an association where you will be listed on the websites and have access to all the latest techniques and practitioner forum.
  • Have backup support as you move forward from a network of Irish and Global FLP Practitioners

FLP is an amazing guided therapy which enables your energy to align to the correct vibrational frequency to clear ‘blocks’, heal, glimpse your future & bring forth that which is for your greatest good


Become a Fully Certified FLP-Future Life Progression Practitioner in Ireland with the FLP Academy and experience this amazing life changing programme

3+ Day Intensive Weekend Programme Encompassing Awareness & Empowerment

On: Sat June 6th –Monday June 8th 2020

At: University of Limerick, Ireland (On Bus Route from Dublin & Shannon Airport)

 Time:  Sat 6th 10am-6pm, Sun 10am – 6pm & 7.15pm – 9.15pm, Mon 10am – 5pm

 What is included:

 FLP Practitioner Certification Training

Awareness & Empowerment Evening 

All workshop materials & daily refreshments

1.5 Hour Post Workshop Webinar with Yvonne

Membership to a private FLP Facebook support group

Listing on the FLP Academy Website

Early Bird Special €647

Secure your- place with  €147 non refundable deposit

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