Exploration of FLP Workshop

When we understand our past and future lives, we can make more enlightened choices that heal present physical and emotional problems.

This one day workshop is highly participative and interactive. The content is delivered in a very practical and down to earth way, enabling you to partake fully in the process. An environment which is conducive to allow maximum learning to take place is created and lots of opportunity for practice is integrated into the workshop structure.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify your most dominant sense
  • Go forward in time using Future Life Progression
  • Go back in time using Past Life Regression
  • Go into different time frames e.g., Next Life Progression, Alterative Life, Future for mankind
  • Gain answers to questions that will help you move forward in life
  • Interactive with like- minded people
  • Enjoy a packed day, filled with lots of interesting activities
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Future Life Progression

it_photo_107815A Future Life Progression takes you forward in time to explore the possibilities that await you so that you can bring back knowledge and answers to questions you may currently have about your life right now.  The future is yours to create for yourself and Future Life Progression will help you to achieve the best possible future you could ever imagine when you apply the knowledge and wisdom your future self gives you.

What is also fascinating about this work is that we have found once you connect to this powerful future energy and bring it back into your present life it somehow brings this future forward…clients often experience their futures much  sooner than they expected to.

Past Life Regression

A Past Life Regression session can uncover why we have problems with certain people in our lives. You have people around you in your current life that you have known before, imagine being able to discover what happened and what your relationship was to them at that time? You can clear blocks that plague you in your current time and even discover talents and bring them into your present time.

During a Past Life Regression session you go back to the life you most need to know about in your present time. This can explain a great deal about your present life and help you to move forward with a greater understanding of yourself, your life and the people around you.

You can also discover why you are the person that you are. If you love nature maybe you were once a farmer, if you love to travel maybe you were an explorer.

Instead of dampening down our strengths and abilities experiencing a Past Life Regression brings us to a place where we can embrace them.

What is it like to participate in an FLP/ RLP Session?

Yvonne will guide you into a light trance, a deep state of relaxation which blends hypnosis and meditation and is akin to daydreaming. This process will take you into the deepest reaches of your mind where you can access the memories which will relate to the questions you have.   There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of as you are always in control and know what is happening at every stage of the session.

Your conscious mind will not show you anything that you are not ready to see. The images you do see or the feelings you experience will only relate to the questions you have and the intention you set.

Everyone experiences the information that comes to them in their own way. Some clients experience visualisations some experience feelings or a sense of something. However you experience what is right way for you. The wisdom and knowledge you gain from your future self will give you the insight and opportunity in your present time to remove any pressures of uncertainty.