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    The Akashic Diet Discovery Session affords you the opportunity to know the type of food that’s best for you to eat and as a result you will begin to lose weight naturally.
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    This is a highly participative and interact workshop designed to enable you to
    • Gain insight as to what Future Life Progression is, - it's origin, benefits and real case studies
    • Participate in a number of guided group sessions, i.e., Future Life Progression & Past Life Regression, 
    • Witness live FLP & PLR sessions with two members of the audience
    • Have the opportunity to ask question about FLP
    • Spend time in the company of like minded people
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    Our FLP Certified Practitioner Training programme is a comprehensive and intensive, highly participative and interactive learner centred course that will give you all the tools to work in this fascinating field.   You will also go on a Voyage of Awareness and Empowerment which will enable you to: *Tap into your unique essence, *Increase your self- awareness, *Explore life from a more positive holistic perspective, *Expand your consciousness, *Shift blocks holding you back  and *Become empowered to be your Best Self  Special Early Bird Investment of €697  
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    FLP takes you forward in time to explore the possibilities that await you so that you can bring back knowledge and answers to questions you may currently have about your life right now. Y
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    Inner Child Healing is a powerful therapy which is designed to release hidden emotions that can lead to several different types of problems if not dealt with.  It is a three session process to help  you to access the healing conscious and enable you to break free from the spells of childhood conditioning, unwanted behaviour and sabotaging thoughts.  It is designed to sensitively and positively deal with these events by healing; not re-traumatising; enabling  you  to take back control of your thinking, your feelings and behaviour and as a result... your life. Each session lasts approx 1.5 hours and may be taken over a period of weeks in person or through Skype. Each session may be booked and paid for seperately Total Investment €390 Freeing yourself from childhood spells and releasing negative energy from your body is one of the best presents that you can give to yourself  
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    A Past Life Regression session can help to clear several types of issues you may be coping with in this life time. Clients have reported major positive change in their lives after just one session
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      This is a highly participative and interact 4hr workshop designed to enable you to Gain insight as to what Future Life Progression is, - it's origin, benefits and real case studies, Participate in a guided group Future Life Progression, Witness a live FLP with a member of the audience,  Have the opportunity to ask question about FLP. You will also experience what it feels like to sit in your own power, use your sixth sense, explore the essence of who you really are and begin to explore life from a more positive, holistic perspective.   To learn more click HERE - Scroll down