I felt a sense of hope as a result of the FLP session I had with Yvonne and I got confirmation that there is a deep power within me, a light that is guiding me in every aspect of my life. I also received clarity about my future and would recommend to anyone out there that may be interested in FLP to talk to Yvonne,
I had a fantastically productive FLP session with Yvonne where she guided me to alternative futures around a specific issue, I was working on at the time. I gained profound insights and reassurances about my likely future which helped immensely. I found Yvonne to be an excellent FLP guide – warm, empathic and focused. I would certainly recommend an FLP session with Yvonne. Pete Dalton, Midlands, UK
Yvonne softly guided me into a relaxed state of mind where she awoke my subconscious. From here, we began an insightful journey where I observed myself 5 years from now if I was to maintain my current path. This was rather enlightening and I quickly realized my current path will unfortunately not lead me to my best life. Yvonne then quietly led me along an alternative route which my subconscious recognised as my best life. My fulfilled life played out in my mind's eye filling me with a sense of relief. My future self inspired me so much that I felt very reluctant to open my eyes! I can now clearly visualize my best life with every hope and intent of manifesting it. I would highly recommend FLP to anyone willing to take the first step to transform their life.
I attended the FLP workshop in Brussels and it was outstanding. I was blown away by its power and what I saw from my future self. It was mind blowing. I saw a most amazing house with three curved steps. When I came out of it I thought, this house can't be mine. i went up to my friend who was at the workshop and she said I saw your house, it had three curved steps! WOW! I felt just AMAZING. This got me so curious that I booked a one to one session the following day with Yvonne Griffin. It was also very powerful. What I saw of my future self was that I was in Quebec Canada in 5 years time. I saw a forest and a stream in the vision. My husband had a session right after me with Yvonne and when he finished his session he told me he saw that we were in Quebec and he saw a forest and a stream too! I was blown away. This is just incredible. i would highly recommend you give FLP a try either one to one or attend a workshop with Yvonne. I have signed up for the FLP Training which starts in Brussels in February 2017. Thank you Yvonne for all you shared with me and for this incredible modality!
When I signed up for a session in FLP/PLR with Yvonne, I wasn't sure what to expect, or if I even wanted to see my future to be honest. However, I was very pleasantly surprised as I simply closed my eyes, listened to Yvonne's voice and relayed back what came to mind. I felt in complete control at all times, and everything that I saw was for my highest good and to help me fulfil my life's purpose. I got great advice from my future self and saw that the health issue I was having at the time would not bother me in my eighties!