The Future is Yours – Personal Power Workshop

If you could talk to the ‘Past You’ what advice would you give yourself ? Your future self has advice for you, want to know what that may be? At this workshop, Yvonne will provide you with the opportunity to travel forward in time and connect with your future self. She will also afford you the opportunity to par-take in personal awareness/transpersonal development exercises


  • Begin to explore the essence of who you truly are
  • Connect with your inner wisdom/future self
  • Expand your self awareness and explore life from a more positive, holistic perspective
  • Experience techniques  which will enable you to trust your intuition & expand your consciousness skills
  • Identify your dominant sense
  • Step into the Future using FLP- Future Life Progression
  • Gain answers to questions that will help you to move forward in life with clarity
  • Observe as an FLP Session is conducted with a member of the audience
  • This workshop is predominantly aimed at people who are interested in learning more about FLP and at people who are interested in becoming one of the first to take part in the upcoming FLP Certified Practitioner Training which will include Self Awareness & Personal Empowerment.
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Connect with your Inner Wisdom, Become more Self Aware & Realise Your Own Power

it_photo_107815The breath is the best present we got when we were born, yet so many of us do not use the breath to our advantage on an ongoing basis. Through the power of the breath, FLP takes you into an altered state of consciousness akin to daydreaming. By taking you forward in time using your inner wisdom, it enables you to  explore the possibilities that await you so that you can bring back knowledge and answers to questions you may currently have about your life right now.  

The future is yours to create for yourself and Future Life Progression will help you to achieve the best possible future you could ever imagine when you apply the knowledge and wisdom your future self gives you.

What is also fascinating about this work is that we have found once you connect to this powerful future energy and bring it back into your present life it somehow brings this future forward…clients often experience their futures much  sooner than they expected to.

The more self aware we become, the easier it is for us to understand why we behave the way we do, get on better with some people rather than with others. When we begin to explore patterns we display through out life, we can identify the key lessons we are meant to experience in this life time. This in turn allows us to see life from a different perspective and begin to stand more fully in our own power.

Overview of this  Workshop

During this FLP Workshop you will  experience the following:

  • Gain insight as to what Future Life Progression is, – it’s origin, benefits and real case studies.
  • Participate in a guided group Future Life Progression.
  • Witness a live FLP with a member of the audience.
  • Have the opportunity to ask question about FLP.
  • Explore the essence of who you really are
  • Complete some transpersonal exercises


What you can expect from this Workshop?

A relaxed environment which is conducive to learning:

During the event You Will:

-Take part in personal awareness & empowerment exercises, an FLP group guided imagery session and observe Yvonne demonstrating a live FLP session with a member of the audience.

During the group guided imagery, Yvonne will guide you into a light trance, a deep state of relaxation which blends NLP,Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and Meditation and is akin to daydreaming. This process will take you into the deepest reaches of your mind where you can meet with your future self and gain answers which will relate to the questions you have.  

There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of as you are always in control and know what is happening at every stage of the session.

*Your conscious mind will not show you anything that you are not ready to see. The images you do see or the feelings you experience will only relate to the questions you have and the intention you set.

Everyone experiences the information that comes to them in their own way. Some clients experience visualisations some experience feelings or a sense of something. However you experience what is right way for you. The wisdom and knowledge you gain from your future self will give you the insight and opportunity in your present time to remove any pressures of uncertainty.