Working As A FLP Practitioner

Working as an FLP Practitioner requires one to bebanner2b passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of people and a willingness to allow each client to experience a Future Life Progression Session in their own unique way. You will need to have good questioning and listening skills. Be empathic, flexible, approachable and able to build rapport with clients easily. You will also need to know how to set boundaries, be creative and promote/manage your business.

FLP Academy ensures that all our practitioners are provided with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudinal change required to become highly sought after FLP Practitioners. We pride ourselves in providing complete and comprehensive training programmes.   

While it may be an advantage to have a background as a therapist prior to FLP Practitioner Training, it is not a pre-requisite.  People come to this work from a vast array of backgrounds and bring their own unique skills and personal attributes to the table. Be assured that you that will receive all the training that you require, be provided with additional back up and be part of a global team of people making a significant positive difference in the world.

To apply for FLP Practitioner Training, the completion of a standard application form is required to be submitted, this will be followed up by telephone contact. Interviews may apply to secure a place on this training programme.


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